Why and How to Implement Emergency Manuals

For leaders and local champions, a brief illustration of the compelling evidence from healthcare and other high stakes industries, supporting expert use of crisis checklists or cognitive aids.

Manual Used During An Emergency

This video was created to demonstrate how our cognitive aid, a crisis checklist, might be used during a case.  The patient is not real.  Please focus on how the team uses the checklists to provide better care to the patient and communicate effectively with each other.

Emergency Manuals As A Tool To Prepare For A High Risk Case

Emergency manuals can be effectively used to prepare for patients with higher than normal risk for a crisis, such as bleeding. We recommend that when you watch this video you do not focus on the clinical details, but instead focus on how the team uses the checklists to prepare for the surgical procedure.

Typical Emergency in the Operating Room Without The Use Of The Manuals

The complexity of managing clinical care and the team can lead to ineffective teamwork, illustrated in this video